CENTIPLUS GROUP LTD - Infinite Possibilities

Short term Objectives:

  • > To enlist suitably qualified marketers to be lead persons to attract and retain value (quality) clients-both capital owners (Investors) and the borrowers.
  • > To reward/pay reasonable remuneration & perks in order to motivate and retain the staff recruited

Long term Objectives:

> To maintain adequate staff levels and fill any vacancies arising.
> To maintain high standards of personnel both in conduct and performance.
> To maintain and retain highly motivated staff.
> To keep improving/reviewing employment terms in order to retain the best staff for as long as possible.
> To maintain appropriate labor relations with staff and labor unions where applicable.

Customer Service:

Satisfaction of our customers is the top most priority for CentiPlus. We strive to not only meet but also exceed all our clients’ expectations within fair and reasonable frameworks.

Pricing Policy:

CentiPlus pricing policy has always and remains competitive within prevailing market conditions. This remains a crucial key success factor of our business that has played a major role in the growth of our business since inception.
We are currently working out modalities of extending our services across the East African and COMESA regions.

Quality Management-Ensuring Your Success...

CentiPlus makes a continuing commitment to quality and on training programs. We continue to invest time and resources into business; quality and initiatives that enable us work closer and more efficiently with our clients.

Why CentiPlus-How can we help you...?

• Guaranteed prompt responses.
• Solutions are tailored as per the client needs.
• Regular scheduled and non-scheduled client visits, Trainings & follow ups.
• Personalised relationship management model for each of our clients/Group.