CentiPlus Group Ltd is an innovative, customer focused, Private Liability Company duly licensed in Kenya, offering focused alternative Finance solutions to Welfare groups, Self Help Groups and Chamas’ so long as they are registered under the Ministry of Social Services.
CentiPlus was started way back in 2009 to offer customers an alternative to the elusive credit from the mainstream financial institutions, by way of lending to select individuals mainly in the Banking Industry.
This model worked for us till 2016 when we formally registered the business as a private company. We leveraged on Convenience, Speed and Trust to achieve our goals.
In 2018, CentiPlus Group Ltd was born with a specific mandate to focus on Group Lending. Besides Lending, our other key areas of Operations include:

> Training Groups:- Mainly on business, Finance, Risk Management and Planning.
> Business Networking and linkages.
> Green Energy.

We endeavor to reinvest and retain at least 80% of our profits in the business, and we have grown into a leading alternative Capital and Finance Company in Kenya, with an admirable sustainable business model.


At CentiPlus this is our Clarion call, because we believe that no human being is limited. We therefore endeavor to provide world class services in the Finance world to our chosen marketplace/niche. We aim to serve the needs of this dynamic market by creating outstanding solutions that empower their members to attain higher standards of living.
We believe that successful investment outcomes are about good and sound judgment, good systems and above all great relationships with all stakeholders. We strongly believe in keeping it real! This approach has been our bedrock of our success.